• "Companies are still committed to the green movement, such as Monarc, which constructs bags out of single-use plastics bound for oceans and landfills."

  • "The Duffel Backpack lives up to its name, feeling more like a wearable duffel than a backpack. We liked its multiple carry options"

  • "This Kickstarted company is all about reducing waste. Each bag uses recycled plastic bottles to make its water-resistant PET fabric."

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  • Does everything I need, really well

    Before this bag, I would often carry two bags around with me; one for my gym gear and one for my work/lunch gear. With this duffel backpack, I can stick to just one bag to do everything.

    - Himesh

  • Literally the ideal bag!

    The backpack straps are my favorite part for sure! Makes carrying the bag through the airport or on a bus full of students a breeze. Paired with the sling bag, my luggage game just go so much easier!

    - Connor

  • Size of a duffel, wear like a backpack!

    I really love my Settra duffel bag. I split my time between two cities at the moment and with the help of the packing cubes, I get a fortnight’s worth of stuff in there no problem, including all my tech so I can work remotely from whichever place I am in. - L.B.

  • Best bag on the market!

    The bag is excellent as described, got notifications to keep me posted on delivery and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived on time.

    - Orlando Marino

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