More than just a bag company


On a mission to put an end to plastic waste


Global Recycled Standard Certified

Our materials

All Monarc products are made using RPET which is a material made using recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottles headed for the ocean and landfills are processed, cleaned, shredded, heated into pellets, stretched, and woven into a durable water resistant fabric. We make sure all of our materials are certified global recycle standard to ensure material integrity.


plastic negative explained

The world's first certified plastic negative bag company

This certification shows our commitment to fighting the plastic pollution problem. Building on rePurpose Global’s belief that businesses can positively impact the environment and society, we have gone Plastic Negative. Through partnership with rePurpose Global, we go above and beyond by eliminating twice our plastic footprint, reversing the impact of plastic pollution.

Circular Life Cycle

We believe in a circular life cycle for our bags, so to ensure that no bags end up in the trash, once you are done with the bag, you can send it back to us and we will recycle it! In fact, we will reward you for sending us back the goods with discounts and other fun stuff!

How do we do it? We leverage the TerraCycle Zero Waste Box"' recycling system. We send all waste made from our bags to TerraCycle so they can further upcycle the leftover materials ensuring we leave nothing behind!